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As a coach Partha has a very nice quality of listening and listening to understand thoroughly.He gives the client a space to express completely.That builds a nice rapport between coach and coachee.Highly recommended to get coached as he leads the coachee towards the outcome with lots of ease and comfort.
Dr. Sabiha Inamdar
Nasik, Maharashtra
Partha Mitra coached me last week. He is a coach with amazing coaching qualities. He has taken me towards my outcome very smoothly. I feel comfortable sharing my problem with him. Good listening, patience, empathy and his skills of coaching are very appealing.
Bhavana Vispute
Civil Engineer, Social worker from Nasik Maharashtra
Coach Partha has been very instrumental in helping me understand my beliefs and values. Also helped me reprogram my patterns and remove my limiting beliefs. He is highly recommended for Life Coaching issues. All the Best.
The webinar was good, informative and really awesome. Got to learn a lot of things, And behalf of our class, We would surely like to attend more webinars like this from sir!
Students of - AISSMS Institute of Information Technology
Pune, Maharashtra
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