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Time is changing rapidly and same with the education system and how wonderful it will be if the students get to learn NLP…!!!

NLP will surely help the students to face the challenges they are going through in current scenario. Now a days we see many students feeling stressed, frustrated, confused and even depressed. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a training related to your mind functioning. It makes us aware of our mind power. It also helps us to know how to use our mind power. We are what our beliefs are. NLP helps us to reframe our unconscious mind with resourceful beliefs and remove unresourceful belief.

Now a day’s students are facing mainly below listed challenges:

  1. Comparison– Each child is a UNIQUE creation of GOD. But most of the times many of the parents and even few teachers forget this. We see comparison of marks, getting awards, getting selected for competition, leadership etc. within parents. They put pressure on a child and child may feel stressed, frustrated, fearful or even depressed. All these may lead to lower the performance of student. It may also affect child’s mental as well as physical health.
  2. Distraction while studying– Students gets distracted by different things or thoughts in mind while studying. They lose concentration and focus. Half-hearted attention towards studies will give poor result.
  3. Labeling– Many students, teachers and parents have the habit of labeling to other students. Like slow learner, fat, dumbo, etc. All such remarks may go in child’s unconscious mind and can form a strong negative belief about themselves. It will lead to further draining down their energy and self-esteem.
  4. Confusion– Students gets confused with the choices they get. It can be related to their subjects, classes, competitions, career options etc. When there is no clarity of thoughts the result will not be what is expected. It may also misguide the direction.
  5. Low confidence– Some students have low confidence level. Because of it they will hesitate to share their thoughts. They will not face any challenges. They will be unsatisfied. They will not ask questions or queries to understand the subject. They will not take part in any extracurricular activity, art, sports etc.
  6. Low self-esteem– Few students have low self-esteem. It happens because of some negative remarks or labeling passed on to that person in his/her past life. This may lead to person becoming introvert, isolated. These people feel inferiority complex within themselves. They normally under-estimate their own potentials. With such mind set the students will fail to achieve desired goal. They will under-perform. They will be unsatisfied.
  7. Stress– Students face stress due to increased competition, expectations of parents or teachers, comparison, changed study pattern, etc. Stress is divided in positive and negative stress. Positive stress is good for a person. Because it boosts spirit and enthusiasm. On the contrary if stress is negative then it has bad effects on body and mind. The students may face headache or body pain in certain areas, they may get violent or furious, they might go in depression.
  8. Victims of Bullying– Yes. This also is common. Strong students with negative thoughts try to control other students. In this the students who are getting controlled by other students feels powerless themselves.
  9. Memory– Few students could not be able to memorize the lessons. It effects their performance in exams.
How good the child will feel if they get to know the techniques to overcome all these challenges…!!!

NLP helps students to overcome these kinds of challenges very effectively. When the student learns methods to overcome such challenges not only their life changes but it also impacts on parents and teachers positively. We all are humans and we are interrelated. So naturally impact spread.

Now we will see how NLP is beneficial for students:

  1. Clarity of thoughts– NLP has few modules which help students to gain clarity of thoughts. Clear mind will help them to choose right options for themselves. They will find out their own paths naturally.
  2. Improves creativity– There are specially designed exercises in NLP which will help students to improve their creativity. They will become innovative. It will help them in learning as well as in their extra-curricular activities.
  3. Removes fears and phobia’s– With help of NLP we can remove fear of exam, competition, public speaking, failure etc. NLP also helps to remove different phobias.
  4. Positive mind set– NLP helps to identify limiting or negative beliefs of students and reframe it with positive beliefs. Thus, students get a positive mindset to look at the things around. Once it’s done their life becomes beautiful. Their perception changes.
  5. Improves Focus and Concentration– NLP has specially designed exercises that helps students to improve their focus and concentration. This also helps them in studying, learning, while doing any lab experiments, during examinations, etc.
  6. Healthy Relations– NLP helps to improve communication skills of students. Each person uses different representational system while gathering or giving information. After learning NLP students can easily find out which representational system the opposite person is using. When they start communicating with same style the relations get stronger. Even NLP helps in unconscious Rapport Building. It helps students to make strong bonding with others.
  7. Winners mind set– When person is in PEAK State of mind, they can achieve any desired goal. They will be unshakable from their goal achievement. Students will be toppers with this mindset. They can face any competition.
  8. Instantly recollecting good state of mind– NLP sets anchors to regain good state of mind whenever needed. It helps students to reduce any kind of fear. It will vanish their boredom.
  9. Self-motivation– After learning NLP modules students get self-motivated. They can easily find out their challenges and work on it on own. Not only that they can also help surrounding people to resolve issues.
  10. Reduce internal dialogues– Every person does self-talks. But there is a difference between creative thinking and internal dialogues. If students are thinking creative like while writing blogs or essay, or while doing poetry etc. it is good. But when there are negative talks going in mind it becomes a devil’s place. It will affect student mentally and physically. But NLP has very effective exercises to remove such internal dialogues. When students practice these exercises daily their all major problems will get vanish like anxiety, stress, depression, confusion etc.

I personally feel that every school and tuition classes should start teaching NLP to their students. After all it is our next generation. NLP will nurture every student and help them to build strong mind. It will not only help students in their academic performance but also make their life happy and healthy. These students will build strong communities, strong nation in future.

Hope the day will arrive very soon. Change begins with you. Isn’t it???






Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

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