Having worked in consulting and recruitment for approximately ten years I have experienced the roller-coaster effect that many recruiters speak of. The exhilarating highs of placements being confirmed every day as well as the troublesome lows – like candidates pulling out at the last minute, losing you the placement and incentive you have worked so hard for. Since then I have qualified as NLP Practitioner and Life & Organisational Development Coach which helped me acquire a good understanding of how NLP tools can benefit recruiters. Which is why I’m now writing this topic Recruitment & NLP

Why write about Recruitment & NLP?

I have always believed that recruiters should change their focus from finding “Reasons to Reject” to “Reasons to Select”. When we are focusing so much on finding the problems in a profile it never makes a good hire and moreover it’s found that its reflected in the communication with the candidate and thereby creating a space of confusion in the candidate’s mind and the rapport is hardly build.

Looking back on my time in recruitment I wish I knew about NLP ages ago! That’s why I am passionate about sharing what I know to help recruitment professionals continue to raise the credibility and success of the recruitment sector. NLP has become a set of tools which enables me to develop my inner excellence and communicate for maximum impact.

As Neuro Linguistic Programming enables you to develop new approaches, let’s examine how and when NLP can help you in your recruitment role.

Understanding candidates at a deeper level

Gone are the days for screening questions such as “what are you looking for?” or “what is your ideal job?” They have their place for sure, however they are not enough on their own. In a fiercely competitive market, your success depends on a unique level of quality. This means eliminating risk for the client and meeting the deeper needs of your candidates.

NLP can help you deliver quality that sets you apart from the rest. Although there are several NLP languages techniques, I could share with you now, there are too many to fit them all into this article. With that in mind, I am going to focus on one golden ticket question, as imperative to your recruitment process as water to a plant.


This question elicits the values stored at a deeper level within the subconscious mind. By asking that question you open the door to everything you need to know about what will attract or repel your candidates. You can get in touch to know more about NLP Values.

When you understand your candidates at that deeper level, you will know exactly how to present job opportunities to them in a way that will light up their system. They’ll be enthusiastically saying yes to your interviews. This will mean that you can work faster and more efficiently for your clients and match candidates to the environment more effectively. This delivers higher levels of quality and strengthens client relationships.

Eye Accessing Cues, Rapport Building and several other NLP Techniques can be used for hiring people across different levels in the hierarchy by understanding them and their characteristics like whether they are Internal or External reference, Big chunk or Small chunk etc. and thereby making the best hire possible for the client or for your organisation.

So, what are your waiting for?

Get in touch and sharpen your skills as a recruiter and hire the best person ticking all your desired criterion’s. For a companies growth and development its utmost essential to recruit the right person.

Have the best person on board.



Partha Mitra

(Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach)

Website: www.lifecoachpartha.com


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