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Life Coaching Programs

Life / Personal Development Coaching

  • Redesign your personal life
  • Reshape your persona or just become a better version of you
  • Want to overcome hurdles in your personal space.
  • Want to get rid of anger, stress, bad experiences that are pulling you back.
  • Want Behavioural Changes.
  • Need motivation, clarity, and discipline to fulfil your goals.
  • Better Communication

Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • Want to have a Work / Life Balance.
  • Need the highest level of confidence in your abilities.
  • Want to rediscover your purpose the purpose that will truly ignite your fire for living your life fully.
  • Want to catapult your success in your personal and professional spheres to the next level.
  • Need motivation, clarity, and discipline to fulfil your goals.
  • Peak Performance
  • Stress Management
  • Better Communication / Confident Presentation

Business / Organizational Development Coaching

  • Want to set up a new venture
  • Need guidance in decision-making in your business or own life.
  • Team Building and Motivation
  • Conflict Management
  • Want to expand your business, looking for growth in business volume and you are Searching for the right answer about how to go about it.

NLP For Teachers

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to language teaching which is claimed to help achieve excellence in learner performance. It is to raise teachers’ awareness of the role that NLP can play in teachers’ verbal interaction with their students. The program focusses on enhancing teachers’ awareness of the fact that by creating or ruining teacher–learner congruence their classroom discourse can lead learners to success or failure.

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