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Life & Bungee Jumping




                        Getting ready to begin the Bungee Jumping evokes a great mix of feelings. And it’s up to you which label you give the mix – is terror, fun, excitement, or joyful anticipation?

You decide. Just as you decide how to label any feelings in any moment in your life.

There are many different styles of jumping – some starts off boldly, some scrapes through trembling, some decides to back off etc. – the question is always there and only you can choose.

Don’t look down:

Once you take the leap don’t look down and feel the adventure, it’s really quite special and enduring – it needs to be experienced to be believed.

You can always choose to call a halt and come down also…..again its up to you… but the best view comes when you are at the topmost level only.

Many a times people come across with so many thoughts in their mind they actually forget to feel the moment. It’s all about how you handle the big events in your life – do you hang about wondering, doubting, undermining yourself – or do you act?

Lastly: What did you get from it?

You have taken another step towards being more pro-active in your life- and you have learned a lot about how to handle life’s challenges.

Just Jump – that adrenaline rush, that feeling is quite amazing and never to be forgotten. People ask why do it? Why bother? Why start now?

The answer is that it can be simply put, life changing.

Jump and jump with confidence, you cannot grow being at the same position. You need to be ready to jump and find and feel the happiness there at the next level.




Partha Mitra

Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

Website: www.lifecoachpartha.com

Email: programmingmindspm@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 9831430664

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