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Development Coaching

NLP Business Coaching will help you to…

  • Develop your business to a higher level
  • Increase profits
  • Identify, plan and achieve your company goals
  • Enhance your communication with others
  • Clarify your company vision
  • Develop and lead others more effectively
  • Save time and costs
  • Create more profitable client relations
  • Build your own business
  • Work both ON and IN your business

NLP Business Coaching combines globally recognised coaching models such as the G.R.O.W. Model, Wheel of Life and Resolution Strategy with the Neuro Linguistic Programming skills of understanding and helping clients change their behaviour. One of the basic principles of NLP is that we all have the resources within us to do anything we believe we can achieve. NLP Business Coaching helps you connect with these resources to become the best you can be. When you can see the possibility of achieving something it is more probable that you will achieve it The NLP coaching process helps you clearly identify goals (in rich sensory detail), see your goals as achievable, prepare your action plan, measure your progress and motivate and inspire you to get there.


NLP Business Coaching uses language and behavioural skills to motivate and encourage you to achieve your objectives. In the case of senior business people, often their coach is the only person they can talk to openly and honestly about their life and business. The role of an NLP Business Coach is that of trust, integrity, non-judgment and total confidentiality. One of the benefits of using NLP skills is, people can make changes without requiring to give their coach the full content of what they specifically want to work on. This creates a level of trust as you can work on confidential subjects which you may not wish to discuss with others.

The NLP Business Coaching ….

  • Will take you through a structured framework and process where you are encouraged and inspired to develop yourself to your full potential.
  • Is delivered over a series of sessions during which you will clearly identify what specifically you are going to achieve between each session.
  • Breaks down your goals into actionable, measurable steps and you are accountable for your actions and measurement of your progress.
  • Supports you and helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the process.

An NLP Business Coach will ….

  • Build rapport with you quickly
  • Have a clear picture and of where your business is now
  • Help you clarify where you want to be
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and help you change them
  • Support, challenge and stretch you to reach your goals
  • Develop you to your full potential
  • Help you clarify situations
  • Work with you to achieve your vision

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